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    First, I’m very new to Gazespeaker. A million thank-yous to all involved in providing this program!

    My question. I’m trying to setup a vocabulary evaluation session. In a scripted instructor-student learning session, I’d like to intersperse non-interactive grids with eye-tracked grids. In a non-interactive grid, I’d like have eye tracking turned off. In this grid the instructor could take as much time as necessary to verbally set up the next grid. For example, pose a question, “find the dog in the next picture”.

    When ready, I’d like to be able to have the instructor click the mouse (or hit a key) to go to the next grid. In that grid, I’d like the student to try to select the right choice with eye-tracking and do text-to-speech with an action. In that action I’d like the script to take the student and instructor to another non-eye tracked grid for the next set of words.

    I am not seeing how to do this. I know I can select eye-tracked or not with the global settings but I don’t see how to intersperse eye-tracked and non-eye tracked grids to do what I want.

    Thanks again!

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    We are currently working on a Quiz (Multiple choice questionnaire) feature that will be available in Gazespeaker in a few weeks from now. This could partially answer your question. We will investigate if there could be some additional features that would more completely answer your request.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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