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    Jeff Kang

    I tested a couple minutes of it, and it looks like it could be a lifesaver for people that have difficulty affording the more expensive software choices (I don’t know what the older communication software options are. DynaVox? I saw some screenshots of DynaVox, and this free program looks like it’s capable of achieving most of the same thing DynaVox software does. It’s not easy to find the price right away, so I’m guessing that these kinds of software can be steep).

    I have a repetitive strain injury of tendinosis (chronic tendinitis). Although it’s for more disabled people, there are some cool, general features, like the visual editor.

    Managing a text file AutoHotkey script with a lot of macros can be such a hassle. You have to memorize a keystroke for each macro.

    Even though the predefined actions that a cell can launch are more limited, it’s so nice to be able to launch an action by activating a labeled object, and not have to memorize something.

    I’ll keep playing around with it later.

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    Hi Jeff

    Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement.

    Yes I think that there are a lot of situations in complex disabilities where cheaper solutions than the current 5000 – 10000$ could significantly help the lives of many.

    For example in autism and Rett syndrome, these systems are not widely used because they are expensive, not recognized as mandatory by caregivers or even useful and consequently they are not used to enhance the level of interactions for these patients.

    We believe that generalization of low-cost eye tracking systems will open new opportunities for many people.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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