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Comic strips with your eyes !

We are proud to announce the new 0.9.4 version of Gazespeaker with many new features!

1) a new zoom viewer to view pictures and scroll in high resolution images only with your eyes:
watch the example in the grid activities > album > zoom demo

2) different scroll viewers to view a list of pictures, such as a comic strips:

  • horizontal scroll: watch the example in the grid activities > album > scroll demo
  • vertical scroll: activities > books > spiderman (with a sample of 5 strips)

3) it is now possible to view web pages in 2 modes : scrolling and clicking
just change the mode in looking to the switch button

4) we added 3 new automatic searches in the web:

  • google search
  • wikipedia
  • amazon

you only need to select the search term with your eyes in the predictive keyboard and look at the google search/wikipedia or amazon icon to launch the search in the web browser within Gazespeaker.

5) We also added 2 new cell types: clock and calendar

You can download the new version in the dowload page of our website.

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