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  1. version update 1.5.4

    version update 1.5.4

    We are happy to announce the updated version 1.5.4 In ‘blocked dictionary’ mode, the predictive keyboard behaves differently when no word is matched: the last letter is now used (as if the selection starts with another letter). As usual, this update is proposed automatically when you have the setting ‘automatic...

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  2. Version update 5.1.2

    Version update 5.1.2

    We are happy to announce the new version update 1.5.2: updated Gazespeaker theme improved Russian translation (by Grigory) improved Italian Translation (by Piero) improved French translation (by Pierre) As usual, this version is proposed automatically for download when you launch the Gazespeaker program (with the setting automatic updates = Yes)

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  3. Version update 1.5.1

    Version update 1.5.1

    We are happy to announce the new 1.5.1 version update for Gazespeaker. Included in this new version: – new theme for special needs, thanks to Dennis who created the design – added support of the Bulgarian language – fixed bug in voice selection – minor changes in the keyboard design

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  4. Version update 1.3.3

    Version update 1.3.3

    We have updated Gazespeaker today with the 1.3.3 version update, with the following features: Added selection mode in eye tracking to select a cell with a mouse click or another device simulating a mouse click Modified screen size adjustment in grid editor Fixed bug with empty message box when voices...

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  5. Version update 1.3.2

    Version update 1.3.2

    We have updated Gazespeaker today with the 1.3.2 version update. This version provides the following features: added setting for keyboard text ratio added image in combo box in grid editor fixed bug in low resolution screens fixed bug in grid editor when size greater than 1 fixed bug in email...

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