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Preparing the new release of Gazespeaker

During this summer, we are actively preparing the next release of Gazespeaker.

It will be a major release with many additional features!

1) It will support multiple languages and voices (Gazespeaker will be installed with dozens of languages), and SAPI 5 voices along with Microsoft Speech platform.

Additional voices from Nuance, ATT and Acapella will be accessible.

2) The User interface will have multiple themes pre-installed. It will also be possible to create specific themes for Gazespeaker.
The user interface has been redesigned and enhanced.
The different themes included will be :

  • Default (gazespeaker)
  • Metro dark (Windows 8 like with dark blue background)
  • Metro green (green background)
  • Metro light (light gray background)
  • Picto (buttons with pictograms)

3) The quality and robustness of the program has been seriously improved.

4) The organization of the grids has been reviewed: there are now 3 different types of grids:

  • system grids: grids created by Gazespeaker.org, and are upgraded with new versions -> these grids cannot be modified by end users; they can only be copied and modified as user grids
  • user grids: grids created by users, or system grids modified specifically
  • keyboards : specific grids for predictive keyboards

5) Auto-updates to check automatically for updates

6) Improvement of the eye tracking integration, including for alternating strabismus.

7) The version will be launched with the Apache 2 open source license.

Currently, we are actively testing and improving this version.

So stay tuned, we hope to launch the release by mid September.

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