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Contacts and emails in the new version 1.3.0

We are happy to announce the release 1.3.0

This new version greatly improves the email and contact functionalities, which are now equivalent to standard email solutions.

This update is automatically proposed for download and installation (if you have already installed previous versions of gazespeaker) when you launch the gazespeaker program and if you have the “automatic update” setting checked (this is the default setting).


  • Added contact screen (to be called from the home page) to add or modify contacts for emails
  • Upgraded the email grids with new actions: reply to all, transfer, add to my contacts, add recipient, add copy.
  • Upgraded the write mail grid to view the email being written before sending
  • Added a setting for text size ratio in the cells
  • Added a setting to define order of the tips in the predictive keyboard
  • Added additional settings for emails (smtp port and SSL, refresh frequency)
  • Added periodic check of new emails
  • Added a button in the grid editor to create new directory for images and a button to import images in your PC to the image directories
  • Fixed bug in grid editor of the cell display when cell size in greater than 1×1

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