• Hi Pierre, I am pleased to see that you have updated the program. I continue to use it with satisfaction. There will be new updates? Maybe on automatic cell scanning …. that would be great.
    Always thanking you for your commitment, cordially, Giorgio

    Always sorry for my bad English ….

  • It would be possible to activate a timed scan cells , as confirmed using the space key ( or another key ) ?
    To use the program to people with partial disabilities .
    Thanks and sorry for my bad English …

  • Hello Pierre more information :
    PC all in one msi 19.5 inch multitouch 16 : 9 Native Resolution 1600 x 900 . I also use one set SmartNav mode mouse movement … but with the problems that you have indicated.
    thanks again

  • Hello Pierre , on the PC is installed windows 7. I have used several resolutions with the same problem … in practice the program pointer is not aligned with that of the mouse , but moves to the right in proportion to the distance from the left edge .. How if not coincide display size … very strange .
    Thanks for your interest .

  • Hi, I have a problem with the use of the program mode mouse movement . use a 22” monitor and the mouse pointer is not synchronous with the one proposed by the program but is displaced to the right in a higher proportion moving to the right. The same happens in mouse click mode . If I click on an icon is activated instead the icon to the right of…[Read more]

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