What is it ?
Gazespeaker is a free software designed to help people with disabilities to communicate and interact with their environment and the web uniquely with their eyes.

Watch the demonstration video

Speak simply by looking at the cell in the grid with an eye tracker (free AAC grids are included with multiple communication levels: you can modify or create new grids with the integrated grid visual editor), auto-adaptive and predictive keyboard, multi languages, emails, web pages, albums, videos, google maps, …
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Gazespeaker is free. You only have to download and install the program on your device (windows 7/8 desktop, notebook or tablet).

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Eye tracking
Gazespeaker is fully integrated with the most recent and affordable eye trackers: Tobii 5, Tobii 4C, Tobii Eye X, The Eye Tribe or the ITU Gazetracker.
It can also be used with other input modes such as touch, head tracking or mouse click.

Gazespeaker is fully responsive and can be used on any Windows 7/8 desktop, notebook or tablet.
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Windows 7 or 8
4 GB RAM minimum

SSD hard drive
I5 or I7 processor