Gazespeaker is free (open-source) and easily customizable.

  • display communication grids (for people who cannot speak), and speak by activating a cell in the grid
  • multiple settings (> 40) to adjust the program to specific needs (strabismus, disabilities, …)
  • integrated grid visual editor to adapt the communication grids or to create new grids
  • multi languages (28 languages are included)
  • automatic updates (check for new updates and download/install new updates directly in the program)
  • multiple visual themes (currently 5 different themes: gazespeaker, metro dark, metro green, metro light, picto)
  • text to speech with Microsoft Speech (available for free in 16 languages) or SAPI 5 voices (voices from Acapella, Att and Nuance)
  • training module with various visual effects and heatmap display
  • contacts module to manage contacts and emails
  • double calibration (add specicific or simplified calibration over the calibration of the eye tracker)
  • write a text with an auto-adaptative predictive keyboard
  • read and write emails, with reply / transfer / add contact features
  • read web pages on the internet
  • integrated google search and wikipedia
  • navigate with your eyes with Google Maps
  • view picture albums (zoom, scroll)
  • file explorer to view files of your disk with your eyes
  • read ebooks (in epub, pdf and html format)
  • read scanned books or commic strips
  • listen music (mp3)
  • view videos
  • play music with a piano keyboard
  • responsive : adapts automatically to any screen size
  • replay mode for caregivers to list previous sessions and replay/analyze and comment a session

Input modes:

Cells in the grids can be activated with multiple devices:


  • Written in C# on windows platform
  • Microsoft speech library

Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 7 (Windows 8.1 recommended)
  • 4 GB memory
  • 64 GB hard drive (SSD recommended)
  • CPU Intel I3 when using the eye tracking system (I5 recommended)