Our goals and objectives


We are a non profit and informal online community. Our goal is to develop solutions for people with disabilities in order to improve their daily life and most importantly to improve their capabilities to interact with others and with their environment.

We believe that technology will provide new tools to compensate these disabilities and that research and development in this area will benefit not only for people with disabilities but will also benefit to all of us.

If you are interested to join our community, to participate in the development and testing of code or grid contents, we will be happy to have you joining the community.


The first version of the Gazespeaker was possible thanks to the ITU gaze tracker, an open source eye tracking program developed in Denmark.

Icons used in the grids of Gazespeaker are open source and are provided by ARASAAC (Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

We used also the following free libraries in Gazespeaker

Additionally, word frequency lists are from InvokeIt ( except for the french and japanese frequency lists. The frequency list in french is from and the japanese list is from wiktionary (


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