You can download files here:

Gazespeaker program version 1.5.6

Full installation with grids and Microsoft Speech language pack with 7 language voices (English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian).

If you have already version 1.0.0 to 1.5.2 installed, you can download and install the update below (10 MB) instead of the full version. If you have the setting ‘automatic update’ checked (checked by default), this update is proposed automatically when you launch the gazespeaker program.

Important Note for Tobii users: if you are using the Tobii EyeX tracker, you need to upgrade your eye tracker with the latest firmware and drivers (0.10 minimum)

Download now!

Gazespeaker update 1.5.6

This update is automatically proposed for download and installation (if you have already installed previous versions of gazespeaker) when you launch the gazespeaker program and if you have the “automatic update” setting checked (this is the default setting).

If you do not have  the “automatic update” setting checked, you can download and install the update here:

Included in this new version:

  • predictive keyboard update
Download now!

User Manual (Version 1.5.2)

This is the user manual in english, in pdf format.

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Additional language voices
For the following languages, please download and install the 2 files related to the language you need: Italian, Danish, Finnish, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish,

You can download these files directly from Microsoft website ( or directly from our website with the links below:

Language Voice part 1 Voice part 2
Italian  Part 1  Part 2
Danish  Part 1  Part 2
Finnish  Part 1  Part 2
Korean  Part 1  Part 2
Dutch  Part 1  Part 2
Norwegian  Part 1  Part 2
Polish  Part 1  Part 2
Swedish  Part 1  Part 2

Please note that the following languages are not currently included in Microsoft Speech languages: Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Thai, Turkish.

You can however buy additional SAPI 5 voices from specialized text-to-speech vendors (Acapella, Nuance or ATT) and install them on your computer. They will be automatically recognized by Gazespeaker and will then appear in the list of voices for the selected language.


You can help us in reviewing and improving the translation in the translation page


Step 1
Install the eye tracker program depending on your platform (The Eye Tribe or Tobii Eye X)

Step 2
Download the Gazespeaker program (Gazepeaker-setup-1.0.0.exe)
Run the setup module.
When the installation is complete, you will have an icon of the Gazespeaker program on your desktop.

Step 3

Click on it to run the Gazespeaker program: during the first run of the program, you will have to set the main settings (language, name, input mode, system, theme,…).

You can modify these settings and other additional settings in a later stage with the settings button on the startup page.


When you start the program, the home page is displayed:

You can launch immediately the program: press the button start, or select the grid you would like to launch instead. The main grid has been configured for level 4 in order to present the various possibilities. You can instead launch the level 1 / yes–No grid if you want to use it with a child with specific disabilities instead.