• Pierre now after several attempts is working, but the eyetribe gets disconnected from time to time, I have to unplug and replug the eyetribe to get the signal again.

    I have asked the eyetribe team about this issue and for them this is something new, has somebody else reported this issue to you as well?


  • Dear Pierre,

    I was trying to use the appication today but it does not work, it cannot detect my eyetribe anymore, I have also download the new version, restart my computer but still the same result. Last week was working excellent but not today, could it be a problem with the eyetribe? looks like the eyetribe is working ok, I can do the…[Read more]

  • Thank you Pierre

    Now is working very good, Amaizing tool, is really exceeding my expectations, I can imagine the amount of time invested by you and your team. Im learning how to use it so I can teach my mother. I live in Germany and she lives in Mexico, in 2 weeks I will be in Mexico to give her this big surprise, she has been in bed with no…[Read more]

  • Excellent, thank you very much Pierre.

    I will let you know


  • Thanks Pierre,

    I have Windows 7 with Core i5, I really appreciate the efforts of your team. Do you think the problem will be solved soon or do you recommend me to Upgrade my Windows?

    Thank you again


  • Dear Gazespeake,

    After several attempts I was finally able to download the new version 1.0.0

    When the installation has finished, the Gazespeaker Icon appeared in my desktop, when I tried to open it, I just see a complete black screen and nothing happens.

    I Have the Eye Tribe.

    Any Ideas? My mother with ALS is very happy to know that she will…[Read more]

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