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    Thanks for you great jobs! And I still have some questions (gazespeaker Version 1.5.2)…

    1. In keyboard grid, I found only 6 original predictive keys can work. The new cells of predictive keys I added cannot work, so I can’t show more predictive words (chinese). How can I edit a keyboard grid which have at least 10-12 predictive keys ? It’s very important for Chinese users.

    2. In internet grid, it’s seems the web could not automatically shut down when I clicked the return button of internet grid. For example, some webs play music could not automatically stop when the return button of internet grid is clicked. The music even continue to play when return to the main interface, unless gazespeaker is closed.

    3. Can gazespeaker creat a new cell that control the volume of computer. I think it is a useful function when someone watching moives.


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    1. yes the number of predictive keys is limited. We will upgrade this in the next version update
    2. we’ll try to fix this also.
    3. Yes, we will add volume increase butoons in the next version

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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