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Market review – 2014

This article is a review of the various products under 1000$ currently in the market:

The two main contenders at the beginning of 2014 in my opinion are Tobii and The Eye Tribe:

  • The Eye Tribe: their eye tracker will ship in he next weeks, according to their blog, with a developer price of 99$ (see my previous post). Reference : https://theeyetribe.com/products/
  • Tobii is an established company with many years of experience of eye tracking with solutions usually in the range of 5000$ to 10000$: this year, with the competition of the Eye Tribe, they will propose the EyeX with a price of 195$ (currently with a promotion at 95$). Reference: http://www.tobii.com/en/eye-experience/eyex/

Then there are also 2 other contenders, but in a price range of 500 – 1000 $:

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