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New features of version 0.9.5: multiple users and replay

We are happy to announce the new version 0.9.5 released today.

New features:

1) eye tracking:
– delay to avoid deselection of a cell with quick eye movements (thanks to the suggestion of Jeff Kang)
– new setting: autocenter (by default) -> automatically focuses the pointer at the center of a cell

2) multi-user settings:
– completely multi-user: all settings can be defined user
– new settings: scrolling speed in google maps, browser, viewers
– new setting: display only startup grids (startup check box defined grid by grid in the grid editor)

3) main screen:
– select user and startup grid in the main screen
– added a ribbon bar in grids to allow exit of grids with touch screen tablets without keyboards, in grids without return button (e.g. simple yes – no grid)

4) replay:
– replay screen: to view the list of sessions, the audit trail for each session and even replay the session directly withing gazespeaker (replay the sessions with the coordinates of the eye tracker stored during the session)

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