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Version update 1.2.2

Following the feedback from some users, we have added the following features:
– in the predictive keyboard, the gridwriter cell now speaks all the text when it is activated (this is the way to pronounce all the entered text).
– we have added the possibility to add your own dictionary in the settings screen (My Dictionary), to be used in the predictive keyboard: this can be useful to include family names, local names or specific words not present in the standard dictionary
– we have added the support of .wmv and .mov video formats in the video and file viewers
– we have modified the design of the grids with 2 cells and 6 cells to include a return button

This update is automatically proposed for download and installation when you launch the gazespeaker program and if you have the “automatic update” setting checked (this is the default setting).

For email, if you use Gmail, you must use the following settings:
– Pop server: pop.gmail.com
– SSL? Yes
Important: you need to activate Pop forwarding in your Gmail settings (open gmail in your browser, click on the button setting in the top right, then on the tap Transfer POP/IMAP and then activate POP transfer: this will enable POP (specific mail access protocol) access to your account.

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