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Version update 1.4.0 : create and edit notes, blink support, …

We have updated Gazespeaker today with the 1.4.0 version update, with the following features:

  • added notes explorer and viewer/edit
  • added blink support
  • added F3 function key to block the clearAll cell
  • added action to open keyboard text entry in notepad (example in activities grid)
  • added action to launch an external program (example in activities grid)
  • redesign of settings screen with 2 tabs
  • updated focus support in settings and grid editor screens

create and edit Notes with your eyes

This is a great new feature in Gazespeaker: you can now create as many notes or texts as you wish, save them and retrieve/edit them later, only with your eyes.

There is now a new icon (My Notes) in the main grid:



When you activate the My Notes icon, the “Note explorer” grid  is displayed, with a list of notes plus an “add Note” button:


You can select the note or create a new one, in the “Note viewer” grid:


you can edit the note with the keyboard, add date separators (this can be useful in a diary for example), share this note by email.

Notes are automatically saved when you exit this grid.

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