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New version 1.5.0: share user data between multiple computers

We are happy to announce the updated version 1.5.0

1) The turkish translation has been greatly improved thanks to Alper, from Turkey

2) Thanks to an idea of David Berman, we have added a new feature in Gazespeaker to share data between multiple computers

This can be useful for example if you use both a desktop and a laptop.

The following data can be shared:

  • Contacts (folder “contact”)
  • User grids (folder “grids”)
  • User media files (folder “myMedia”)
  • User notes (folder “notes”)
  • List of users and preferences

Note that the following data are not shared (and are local in each computer):

  • Calibration data (because it is device dependent)
  • Logs
  • Sessions data (used in replay)

A shared folder can be created with multiple solutions:

  • Shared drive in a local network
  • Synology cloudstation (tested)
  • Dropbox (tested)
  • Microsoft Onedrive (NB: not tested)
  • Google drive (NB: not tested)

To create a shared folder between multiple computers, you must start with the computer with the most complete and up-to-date computer, because the data of the 1st computer will be copied and used by the other computers.

NB: You must install Dropbox or the solution of your choice first on each computer where you need to share your data

Go to the Settings screen, in the “Storage Folder” block.

Then click on the button:  Create shared folder

A window to select the folder and drive is  displayed: for Dropbox or Cloudstation folders, you will need to select first the ”user name/…”, then select Dropbox or Cloudstation depending on your choice.

The files will be instantly copied in the shared folder.

Proceed the same way on the other computers. It’s done!

Afterwards, all your data will be synchronized between your multiple computers.

If you want to cancel sharing user data, just click on “cancel shared folder”

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