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  1. 2.4 AAC grids with 28 cells

    2.4 AAC grids with 28 cells

    These grids are used are based on a more significant set of cells: each grid contains a first row for general purpose buttons and a textwriter, while the 3 other rows contains 21 cells. This set contains a vocalubulary of several hundreds of words (maximum of 21 x 21 =...

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  2. 1.1 Gazespeaker

    1.1 Gazespeaker

    Gazespeaker is a free (open source) program designed for people with special needs and for education. It relies on eye tracking technologies to facilitate communication and interactions.

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  3. 1.3 Multiple form factors

    1.3 Multiple form factors

    Gazespeaker is responsive and compatible with multiple form factors: desktop, laptop and windows tablets. Technical requirements: Windows 7 (Windows 8.1 recommended), 4 GB memory, SSD recommended, CPU Intel I3 when using the eye tracking system (I5 recommended)

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