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  1. 5.1 File explorer

    5.1 File explorer

    Note that above I have deliberately formatted the shortcode with one attribute per line and used spacing so that it is easier for us to see each setting and make tweaks if we want to. You don’t have to do this, you can put it all on one line if...

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  2. 3.1 Predictive keyboard

    3.1 Predictive keyboard

    The keyboard selects automatically the words and sentences based on your usage. Words are selected  in a dictionary with word frequencies in each language. The system progressively learns your most frequent sentences and automatically adapts to your style.

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  3. Minor version update 1.3.1

    Minor version update 1.3.1

    We have updated Gazespeaker today with the 1.3.1 version update. This version provides the following features: fixed bug in email smtp authentication added setting for number of emails retrieved added setting for keyboard text size If you are using Gmail with gazespeaker, please use these settings: Pop server: pop.gmail.com Port: 995 SSL:...

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  4. Contacts and emails in the new version 1.3.0

    Contacts and emails in the new version 1.3.0

    We are happy to announce the release 1.3.0 This new version greatly improves the email and contact functionalities, which are now equivalent to standard email solutions. This update is automatically proposed for download and installation (if you have already installed previous versions of gazespeaker) when you launch the gazespeaker program...

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  5. Version update 1.2.3

    Version update 1.2.3

    We are happy to announce the release 1.2.3 with the following features: • fixed calculator grid (missing 0) • added Escape key to exit the grids • added F1 key to disable/enable eye tracking in the grids • added F2 key to disable return cell in the grids: forces to...

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  6. Version update 1.2.2

    Version update 1.2.2

    Following the feedback from some users, we have added the following features: – in the predictive keyboard, the gridwriter cell now speaks all the text when it is activated (this is the way to pronounce all the entered text). – we have added the possibility to add your own dictionary...

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  7. Customized cursor in version update 1.0.2

    Customized cursor in version update 1.0.2

    New version update: version 1.0.2 This new version provides some enhancements: – improved gaze cursor and added new cursor settings – double calibration: display last results – training / heat map: improved quality + timeout after 10s You can download the entire version 1.0.2 (265 MB) or only the update...

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