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  1. Comic strips with your eyes !

    Comic strips with your eyes !

    We are proud to announce the new 0.9.4 version of Gazespeaker with many new features! 1) a new zoom viewer to view pictures and scroll in high resolution images only with your eyes: watch the example in the grid activities > album > zoom demo 2) different scroll viewers to...

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  2. Navigate with your eyes in Google Maps

    Navigate with your eyes in Google Maps

    Google Maps is now available in Gazespeaker with the new version 0.9.3. Visit famous places, Manhattan or the Pyramids in Egypt, Versailles and the Eiffel Tower. Navigate with your eyes: the map automatically adjust the center of the map according to where you look. You can also zoom, modify the...

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  3. Tobii EyeX first tests

    Tobii EyeX first tests

    I received this week my Tobii EyeX eye tracker. The packaging is nice and there is a magnetic mount to fix it to the screen. I am trying to develop the interface with the Gazespeaker using the EyeX SDK for Unity (also applicable for C#). It was more complicated than anticipated...

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  4. New beta version V 0.91

    New beta version V 0.91

    We have released today the new beta version of Gazespeaker V0.91 Change log Version 0.91 1. Microsoft Speech is now included in the setup package of Gazespeaker 2. In eye tracking mode, click automatically deactivates when the user doesn’t look to the eye tracker (otherwise the program would click repeatedly)....

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  5. User manual

    User manual

    The user manual of Gazespeaker is now available in the download and support sections. Table of content: INTRODUCTION INSTALLATION START-UP SETTINGS TRAINING CALIBRATION GRID EDITOR DISABILITIES COMMUNICATION  

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  6. Release of Gazepeaker beta V0.9

    Release of Gazepeaker beta V0.9

    We are proud to announce the release of the Gazespeaker in beta version 0.9. It is fully functional and has been tested on multiple platforms (desktop windows 8, tablet windows 8 Toshiba Encore and tablet Asus Book) with the Eye Tribe gaze traker (except for the Toshiba Encore which is...

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  7. Market review – 2014

    Market review – 2014

    This article is a review of the various products under 1000$ currently in the market: The two main contenders at the beginning of 2014 in my opinion are Tobii and The Eye Tribe: The Eye Tribe: their eye tracker will ship in he next weeks, according to their blog, with...

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